November 12, 2012

S3 in progress

I'm currently getting the S3 design ready for a CNC quote, lots of checking to make sure all aspects are correct - quite a meticulous process. For example, I found that I had an incorrect model of the Celestion midrange driver. The area in front of the cone forms part of the acoustic chamber, an important aspect of the design. I've had to model it again to work out the volume precisely and ensure the driver slots right in.

Here is the render of the 3D model:

I could model it with even greater precision than shown, but this is as good as it needs to be.

Unfortunately I also thought I had the throat profile design complete, then found it didn't model as well as I'd like. The process takes a lot of time, due to all the twists and turns, and ideas that in the end don't work!

The goal is to have S3 up and running as a Christmas project. Drivers for the current batch are now on their way and we have a couple of places left.

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  1. Haven't been this excited about a delivery from Santa for years! (no worries if you need to take longer though - would rather than you get the design right).


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