November 15, 2012

90L sealed 18" woofer flat pack - assembly

Suggested construction sequence for 90L woofer flat packs.

Much quicker and easier to assemble!

You can see here how the trench has been machined around the edge so that the pieces can slot in easily. The corners are at 45 degrees to allow the box to go into the corner on an angle, as a base for horns. The terminals are on the back flat section.

I prefer to use PVA glue generally, as it sets fairly quick. Expanding poly glue is stronger, but greater care is needed and it takes longer to set. The extra strength isn't required and I tend to use it where I need its gap filling properties. 
Front baffle sits on top of the base, side sits on the trench. A small clamp holding the side to the front baffle is suggested.

Now add a vertical brace.

The first horizontal brace slots into the groove of the side panel. The CNC flat pack is designed to minimise the need for a lot of large clamps. (Yep, a shameless plug right there!)

For this step, you may want to use one of these:

 You can buy 30 of them in varying sizes for $10, they are dirt cheap and very handy.You can use a pair on the right edge of the front baffle, to secure the second horizontal brace. You can use them to secure the vertical also from sideways movement. Place one either side of it on each horizontal brace.

Right side piece

Angled side.

Back end is best added last of all sides.

Top panel.

And finally the outer baffle.

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