November 15, 2012

90L woofer flat pack

This is a flat pack for an 18" woofer - sealed 90L box. It is designed to go into a corner under a horn, but it could be used for other systems as well.

CNC machined for easy assembly, with trenches machined so pieces fit together nicely and bracing also slots in. 

The design is similar to my prototype:

The prototype above was built manually. I no longer have time to build things this way, everything now with CNC. 

Shown with a smaller Unity horn.


  1. 600 high x 550 wide x 405 deep.

    Designed for Acoustic Elegance TD18H, but the size is good for most 18" pro woofers. TD18 has a huge magnet that won't fit in a box designed for other woofers.


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