May 16, 2013

Coming soon ...

So what is in the works at Red Spade Audio? A great deal.

  • HE2 - I have been working on getting HE2 ready for production. 
  • S3 - I'm in the process of working out how it will be machined and there are options being considered that I'm not revealing just yet until I have figured out if it can be done without blowing out the budget. 
  • Room analysis - Figuring out the details of a remote room acoustic analysis service - this will be offered internationally in addition to my onsite services within Melbourne.
  • Custom speakers & subs - There are a number of custom speakers in the works currently. Those will be featured here once they are complete.
  • Demo room - nearing completion
  • New kits - I have some new kits in the works that will provide new options in Australia. 
Too many other things coming to mention!

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  1. Keep up the hard work Paul...can't wait to hear and see the finished products...


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