May 22, 2013

Monster sub

We're currently looking at a design for a HT monster sub, with a view to offering it as an LSK product.

This could be offered both as a DIY kit and fully finished.

We could offer a special pre-order price for a group, if there is sufficient interest. We can also take on feedback regarding what people would like, in terms of the type of sub on offer, form factor, etc. Anything is possible.

Some of the options include:
  • passive sub for use with external high powered pro amps or plate amps
  • large sealed multi driver - dual opposed
  • extreme drivers - we can get in TC Sounds LMS drivers as we are the distributor
  • value oriented drivers from Dayton - we're also a distributor
  • infinite baffle kits to suit installation in walls or ceilings
  • large ported LFE monsters
  • giant horn subs
We can also offer options beyond the usual black box.


  1. I can only get spousal acceptance for a 200L sealed box (front of room) or 500L at the rear (difficult to integrate well). So I'm going with large sealed followed by ported LFE monster. Unless there's a way to get the sound from the t20 through my suspended concrete floor....

  2. My challenge is to make it big enough to qualify as monstrous, but small enough to have a chance of selling!

    I have a client putting two of T20 in the ceiling.

    Rear subs are hard to integrate as you say.

  3. I'd err on the side of selling.

    Shame there's no ceiling in my lounge room

  4. Your lounge room is a concrete slab outdoors?!

  5. sorry, it has a ceiling but no roof cavity above it. Floor is a suspended concrete slab above the garage

  6. It might actually be possible to get a slightly modified T20 integrated. If it were standing up in the garage, below a corner in your room with the mouth firing up. T20 is about 400 x 600mm foot print. You put a grille on the floor over the opening and cover with a bass trap, which is worth having anyway! Assuming of course there is space below and it doesn't put a bass horn in the middle of your garage. If that happens, well, do you REALLY need both cars as much as a bass horn? Just saying, let's be practical here ;) Notice how he omits to mention cutting the hole in the concrete, reo mesh and concrete dust all over the room. Small price to pay!

  7. Hi Paul,
    Love the idea. Would love to make a folded horn so big you could nearly get in it :P
    OK maybe not quite that big, but in my room I could make a monster and use the garage room for the box and just let the outlet into the HT room.
    But for the DIY'er - previously you got some import laminated ply that appeared OK for such a use. Can you supply a few sheets? rough price? or is that a large enough order to get delivered.

  8. Hi Adam, my chances of selling more than one horn sub that large are slim I think. I would be very lucky to get to use such a design for a group at any time. Happy to be proven wrong on that one however! That said, this sounds like a custom job and that is what Red Spade Audio is all about. For a project like this, I can quote for anything ranging from design only to fully built and finished, and various options in between. Shoot me an email via the contact form to discuss further.

  9. Forgot to mention. If you are build a big bass horn, with the box in the garage and you aren't fussed about looks, you can get away with using cheap formply, costing 40 - 80 per sheet. T20 uses 2.5 sheets, so the ply is not very expensive. The cuts are not complex or difficult. So a reasonably handy person can build one of these horns without too much difficulty. DIY is especially rewarding in terms of result and expense saved.

  10. Adam, if you've got the garage sharing a wall with the listening space I think there is an ideal opportunity for an infinite baffle without needing to crawl into the ceiling, see Paul's dot point number 5 in the blog post ...

  11. Thanks guys, have considered and planned an IB but the garage would leak far too much sound and think the stuff I have stored would rattle and buzz far too much.


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