April 7, 2014

HE3 form factor

Which bass module would you prefer?

The speaker on top has a familiar form factor, with a dome tweeter and 6.5" midrange driver, but with a twist. It features 93 dB sensitivity, high enough to be driven by most valve amps. The bass module will feature a ported DSP powered 10" woofer, except version B which fits a larger 12" driver. 

A - a simple box where the front is angled to match the front baffle of the speaker on top

B - side walls angle out to fit a 12" woofer

C - both front and back angled out

D - a simple rectangular box


  1. I would vote for B simply because a 12" woofer will vastly outperform a 10" for little additional cost. It is visually a little bulkier, but worth it. I'd recommend mounting it on the side, if the crossover is low enough, but the larger face of the side panel is definitely a negative.


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