April 6, 2014

PSE-144 launch update

PSE-144 is nearing the launch of the first run, which is now closed. Orders will ship in around four weeks. New orders will begin around May.

Here you can see one of the prototypes being tested:

The prototype is being tested here at a height of 3m into the air. At this height, it does prove a challenge to get the mic high enough. These measurements are used for the crossover and the additional height provides greater resolution due to a longer measurement window.

In these photos you can see one of a number of prototypes made in the process of perfecting the manufacturing process. It's not obvious in these photos, but there are some imperfections that are being corrected, as a very high standard of finish is expected here. These are being made by a very well established Australian fibreglass manufacturer.

PSE-144 has midrange extension to 200 Hz and horizontal pattern control that approaches the Schroeder frequency in domestic listening rooms.Although it's difficult to evaluate a speaker with no bass extension, when listening to a live acoustic recording at the end of a weekend of testing there was an impression of live dynamic realism - a very clear, articulate and uncoloured sound.

Coming soon:

  • There will soon be opportunities to hear this speaker in Melbourne
  • New orders due to begin around May
  • Contact Red Spade Audio regarding pricing, lead time or other questions

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