June 22, 2012

Coming soon: Cinema series

There are few speaker options in the market that cater well to a serious home cinema system intended to reach reference levels cleanly with controlled directivity and good sound in every seat. I'm putting together my cinema series to provide some options.

There are 5 main models shown here and they all feature high sensitivity and controlled dispersion. HT1 is a slim design that is similar in size to a typical floorstander. The extension is right where it needs to be to cross easily to a sub and the waveguide allows better integration than a typical dome tweeter. HT2 is similar but has greater output and efficiency. HT3 has very high output and enough sensitivity to avoid the need for any more power than you can get out of  an entry level AV receiver. Being relatively slim, it has a chance to live in a normal living room. HT4 is more likely to find a home in a dedicated room. It features a higher end midwoofer with greater power handling. The sensitivity is a little lower than HT3, unless you opt for the dual driver version. HT3 is a more value oriented option that can reduce the need for a power amp, HT4 would suit those with a good power amp with some grunt. HT5 goes one step further but the size means you may want to think about how to integrate it into your room.

HT1 - HT3 are designed for non-dedicated rooms, HT4 and HT5 are intended for dedicated rooms.

To match the mains I'm offering 3 surround speaker options:
These are intended to be installed into a plasterboard wall. SR1 can be made flush with the wall so that the baffle overhangs the cut out. SR2 protrudes a little further but is still almost flush. SR3 is intended for higher output systems and the box is a little deeper. If installed into the wall cavity, the profile is still quite modest, but it has a level of dynamics and output similar to an actual commercial cinema speaker. Surround speakers are typically very compromised to fit into a small box. These are designed to reach reference levels cleanly. They are also intended to be finished in such a way that they appear as acoustic treatment panels, where they can be blended in to the treatment scheme in a dedicated room.

I'm currently putting together a demo system.

These will be available on a made to order basis, with various custom options available.

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  1. I was just visiting your site to comment on your earlier post about cinema speakers and saw this new article. These are a very interesting line of speakers. Recently I have been thinking that I watch more movies in my room than listen to music. I had a look at the Krix website to see what cinemas use and couldn't help but notice how different they really are. No wonder I find small 5.1 systems so unimpressive even if they are THX certified. They still don't have 4 15" woofers per side!

    A lot of systems seem to have a lot up top and a lot down the bottom with not much in between.

    For example I was really looking forward to watching Terminator Rise of the Machines at home to again hear the sounds of the giant Terminator's main cannon. It was really distinctive in the cinema but it didn't seem to exist at all at home on my floorstanders and sub!


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