June 25, 2012

Simply Electronics

You need to be careful when buying online!

Have you made the mistake of getting too comfortable with buying online? Do you find that you take a punt, and don't always check who you are buying from that they have a good reputation?

We all get lazy sometimes.

Well, I bought an item from Simply Electronics. I should have been more careful. The item was offered for $200 with free shipping, it's about $225 elsewhere. Long story short, after 18 days they had not sent my item and they were not replying to my emails. I initiated a Paypal dispute and pointed out that I would make some noise about this. They sent the refund the same day.

In the process of investigating, I found countless stories similar to mine. I'm not entirely sure if they are very poorly run or a complete scam. Either way, save yourself a lot of hassle and don't buy from them. If you manage to save $20 and you actually get your item you will feel that you have earnt it many times over.

This is a good time to remember - before buying online, check out the seller first!

Paypal is good!

Use Paypal rather than giving them your credit card details. Paypal comply with security standards that many online stores don't. Paypal provides good back up - they might not be perfect, but it's better than counting on the seller's integrity alone.

Check first!

There are websites dedicated to reporting scams and companies that don't deliver. 5 minutes can turn up a great deal.

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  1. On Paypal, yeah they've annoyed me in a few occasions in the last few years. Credit where it's due though, they saved me from an eBay loss via their dispute resolution process (which seems a bit drawn out at first but did work).


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