June 4, 2012

Currently developing: RSA HE series

Currently developing a series of high efficiency speakers aimed primarily at valve enthusiasts.

HE1 - 8" full range driver + super tweeter
HE2 - 10" midwoofer + waveguide + compression driver
HE3 - 3 way design - 2 x 10" woofer + 6" mid + waveguide + dome tweeter

Designed with a careful balance of sensitivity, bass extension and box size.

Prices expected to be around $995, $1495 and $2495 respectively.

An entry level floorstander with the most critical range covered by one driver. A super tweeter coming in at high frequencies adds the sparkle that a full range driver tends to lack.

A two way floorstander that achieves just enough bass extension to avoid the need for bass augmentation whilst maintaining high sensitivity. The waveguide controls dispersion and yields a very wide sweet spot. This is a speaker designed with simplicity in mind, intended to behave well in a non-treated room.

A three way floorstander with wider dispersion and higher sensitivity than HE2.

This series features plywood enclosures which is rare in this price range. Plywood is lighter and stronger than MDF and has the right character and charm to match valve amplifiers. In this price range most speakers don't even include veneers. Those that do are limited to square edges which not only make a speaker look cheaper, but they are also sonically undesirable due to edge diffraction effects.

These will be made to order with custom options available including:
  • various stains 
  • satin or gloss clear finish
  • crossover part upgrades 
  • active versions available (crossover filter information provided, amps & crossovers not included)
  • rubberised bitumin internal box damping
  • driver upgrades
  • bi/tri wire crossover and terminals
  • higher grade ply
  • waveguide foam upgrade
All speakers in the HE series are floorstanders. Stand mount versions cost only a fraction less to produce and whilst shipping is reduced, the cost of buying stands is a disadvantage. Small HE speakers have no bass, and small speakers with bass have no efficiency!

Home theatre and high output music use

HE1 is not suited to demanding high output use. HE2 is ideal for home theatre use. We can offer a home theatre version with dual woofers in a sealed box. It has enough extension to mate with a subwoofer and has double the power handling along with 3 dB greater sensitivity. HE3 is designed for two channel systems but will also suit home theatre.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Would the HE2 or HE3 need a separate centre channel speaker for home theatre applications?

  2. HE2 due to the dispersion control can avoid a centre channel in many systems as it creates a more stable centre image than conventional speakers, if set up with the right toe in. In rooms where you have a wide seating area and are concerned about side seats, a centre is good to have. And it can also be argued that it's better to have a centre anyway, unless the placement is so compromised that it does more harm than good. I have a design not shown on the blog, for a centre channel version - a small ported box with 80 Hz extension.

    My HE2 prototype is up and running, just needs a little more refining of the crossover.

    HE1 and HE3 - those aren't currently a priority and they may not go ahead unless someone asks for them.

    There are more recent posts about HE2, especially the video of them playing in a treated and untreated room.


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