December 4, 2015

AV10 home theatre loudspeaker

AV10 is our "middle of the range" home theatre satellite.  As with all our home theatre designs, it features:
  • the capabilty to achieve THX reference levels with a normal AV receiver
  • an easy to drive load
  • the potential to avoid a centre channel in many rooms (saving cost and also avoiding installation challenges, especially in a living room with a TV)
  • compact size considering the output capability
  • high power handling and high sensitivity
  • superior dispersion control
 This design is probably about the largest many would accept in a living room but it will also suit dedicated rooms. The next biggest (AV12) is probably too chunky for all but dedicated rooms.

Like all speakers in our home theatre range, it is available with these options:
  • DIY kit
  • Finished (veneer or paint finish)
  • Active or passive
Shown above is the prototype during testing, soon to be available for audition.

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