December 2, 2015

Extreme pro audio - point source horn with Acoustic Elegance TD18H+ and Keystone tapped horn sub

Extreme pro audio. This is a pro audio point source horn with a 1.4" compression driver, intended for small scale (up to 200) events. This client built a sealed box for the woofer (AE TD18H+ and then used an impressive neo B&C 21" woofer in a 30 Hz horn sub. We designed the crossover for the horn and calibrated the system for outdoor use. A very fun project.

This point source horn is about 1m wide and was tested outdoors to set up the DSP crossover.

The entire system was then calibrated outdoors, set up in the way they are intended to be used.


  1. :party: At the risk of spoiling the next blog post.... Tell us more about the horn? (top). Did you design it? What is it constructed from?

  2. Hi Dave, this was my second design of a point source horn. It's an MDF horn that is 90 x 40 and originally had a B&C DE250 with a 1" throat. Its new owner modified the throat for a B&C 1.4" titanium driver and I've redesigned the crossover to suit. It has been painted and rear walls added to make it a more weather proof speaker than the original. It has since been used for a few gigs. I've had some very favourable feedback from the owner just recently.

  3. I wondered if that was the case. You've presented it really well. "one big horn" sure takes care of some curly potential issues, I bet it sounds ace :)


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