December 15, 2015

Dayton Ultimax 15" subwoofer

This is a custom subwoofer project using the Dayton Ultimax 15" sub driver. Designed to go under a built in cupboard in a new home. A pair of subs integrated into a 2 channel system.

It's difficult not to be impressed with the build of this driver. The first thing we notice is the one-piece inverted Nomex honeycomb cone with no dustcap.

 Looking closer we see a tallboy surround to support high excursion without giving up as much piston area.

Looking even closer again, we see the lead in wires woven into one of the two spiders. This aims to avoid any problems with the leads slapping at high excursion.

Once complete, this sub will be calibrated for the room and set up with planar dipole speakers.

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