November 30, 2015

Red Spade Audio now a dealer in Vicoustic Acoustic Treatment

Need acoustic treatment? We now sell Vicoustic treatment products. The main reason for choosing Vicoustic is that it's not that easy to find affordable diffusers and we want to introduce people to the benefits, without having to build them. We have been recommending these for quite some time to our clients using our room analysis service, so it made sense to follow up and provide the products.

Their polystyrene diffusers are an affordable and easy to install option.  They can be installed easily even in a rental using removable picture hanging strips.

Wood version:

Perhaps the most familiar of all is their wavewood panel.

 Vicoustic Wavewood panel (Nordic)

This is a hybrid panel that offers midrange absorption as well as high frequency diffusion. In many rooms, more absorption is required in the midrange region. They are ideal where a simple absorber might make a room sound too dead. Panels such as these result in a room that sound more neutral yet retains an element of natural ambience.

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