November 24, 2015

Custom Scan Speak, ATC and Acoustic Elegance floorstander

We love custom projects! On the drawing board is a floorstander based around the ATC midrange dome. Includes a Scan Speak dome tweeter with a purpose built waveguide and a pair of Acoustic Elegance woofers. This will be a solid enclosure in piano gloss black and fully active.

Scan-Speak D2608/91300 1" dome tweeter

 This is a tweeter with an attractive price and good performance. This project will feature a waveguide designed specifically for this tweeter by Joe Rasmussen of JLTI 


What you may not appreciate from the photo is that it uses a very high quality plastic known as Acetyl Homopolymer.  More about the waveguide on DIY Audio.

The midrange driver for this project was sourced second hand. It is a well regarded ATC midrange dome. The magnet on this is larger than many woofers!

 The woofer is a 10" Acoustic Elegance PB10.

This speaker will be active.

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