November 28, 2015

Red Spade Audio now a Rythmik Dealer

Rythmik Audio have been a DIY favourite for well over a decade.  And for good reason. Not only do they provide a great range of articulate subwoofers but they also cater to DIYers with kit versions.

How do they compare?

We've heard all kinds of subwoofers, both DIY and commercial. Regardless of price, none are more musical than Rythmik. 

The only caveat we need to mention is that they are not designed for punishment. They are designed for home theatre and audiophile applications. They are not designed for party use where driving them hard with music might occur. With that kind of use, they may be pushed to the point of thermal overload. This is not an issue for the vast majority of audiophiles.

Custom designs

We offer custom design for our clients. You may want to match your other furniture - we can help by matching with a painted finish or a veneer.Or in other cases, you may want a subwoofer that is visually integrated into your space. 

Aussies - buy local

Even if you simply want to purchase for a sub you will build yourself, you can buy from us. 

We can also provide custom kits.

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