November 26, 2015

Coaxial AV8C - a compact point source loudspeaker

Previously we only offered a very large point source speaker - PSE-144. Now we introduce a relatively small speaker which also features a point source.

We start with a well-built Italian 8" coaxial woofer with a compression driver integrated into the structure.

This pair was built in-house using DIY techniques, so the result is what is readily achievable with the kit. Duratex is rolled on with a foam roller - this gives a smoother texture than you get with the texture roller commonly used, which gives a fairly coarse result we see in PA boxes. We think this is a nicer finish for a home theatre.

The design includes integrated keyhole brackets to make mounting easier.

This design originated as a custom design for surround speakers to match a system that had 8" coax drivers on the main speakers.

How does it compare to our AV8? There are some challenges in using a coaxial driver such as this. The tweeter and woofer tend to interfere with each other. The response of both woofer and tweeter are not as smooth as equivalent drivers, where the compression driver is loaded into a horn or waveguide. The top end of the woofer tends to require more work in the crossover.

The end result we are very happy with. Although it was designed for surround use, we evaluate each speaker with music and expect even a surround speaker to sound refined and musical, such that we would be happy to use it in a music system. AV8C passes the test.

The value of a point source

In a 2 channel speaker a point source is expected to have superior imaging and this can often prove the case. However, we are often hesitant to go down that path as sometimes the compromises can be worse than the benefits. In its intended application, as a surround it will be experienced off axis in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This is where it comes into its own. Especially in a room where you have multiple rows, the coherence is a strong advantage. As Atmos becomes more widespread, this may become even more signirficant and AV8C is an ideal surround speaker.

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