February 4, 2012

Acoustic Elegance TD18H active woofers

100L sealed boxes in progress for Acoustic Elegance TD18H active woofers. Built with 18mm marine ply. Being low cost imported ply there are obvious shortcomings - voids can be seen in the cuts, but at around $80/sheet there isn't much to complain about.

The bracing is very simple. Just one horizontal and vertical matrix brace with a driver cut out. It isn't necessary to cut lots of holes in the braces, the volume gained is minimal, the braces are weakened and more effort is required.

Cutting braces:

Clamping and gluing bracing together:

Cutting driver holes:

If one cares about the appearance of the cut out that will not be seen, a router can be used to cut the full depth. However, these days I prefer to do things quicker so I start with the router, but don't go full depth. I then cut with the jigsaw. (That isn't me above, as always I'm the one taking the photos.)

Progress so far:

This box is very simple. The outer baffle needs to be added, then the other fives sides and the box is assembled.

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