February 1, 2012

Two 20 Hz bass horns

1. Lilmike's F20 modified to suit dual AE 10" drivers (PB10) - a front loaded 20 Hz bass horn
2. Rythmik T20 - a dual opposed tapped horn with dual 12" drivers

Black: T20 (Rythmik) 2 x 12"
Grey: F20 (AE) 2 x 10"

Black: T20 (Rythmik) 2 x 12"
Grey: F20 (AE) 2 x 10"

T20 has more output but it is due to greater cone area and excursion. F20 needs 80w in total and a high pass at 25 Hz for max SPL. T20 can use all of the power in the plate amps (2 x 370w) and needs a high pass at 20 Hz. 

Both of these will be constructed from formply at the same time, measured and compared. 

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  1. Interesting Paul,
    Look forward to seeing how these horns come out...
    I have a pair of those AE PB10's lying around too :p


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