February 23, 2012

Saturday is badass bass day!

This Saturday I'm hosting a badass bass day. Included will be:

  • F20 - a 20 Hz front loaded horn with dual Acoustic Elegance PB10 10" woofers, 95 dB sensitivity down to 20 Hz
  • T20 - a 20 Hz tapped horn with dual Rythmik 12" servo subs, 93 dB sensitivity, 120 dB max SPL
  • Maelstrom X2 18" in a 120L aperiodic box
  • 2 x AE TD18H 18" pro woofers in 100L sealed boxes
  • 2 x Eminence Magnum 18LF 18" pro woofers in 60L sealed boxes
I'm particularly interested to compare TD18 to the Eminence woofers. Could be a future upgrade. We might also compare T20 and F20 although the comparison is obscured by different placements. The Maelstrom will sit on top of F20 in the front middle wall position. We might compare them as well.



TD18H boxes (they have progressed further than shown)

Eminence boxes

The Maelstrom will go in a prototype box I have lying around.


  1. interesting! would love to see how these perform side by side with some more traditional folded horn subs. looking fwd to the results!

  2. We had a great time but we didn't get a chance to do serious comparisons, we just didn't have time. I still should get a chance to do some comparisons.

    1. Please do! The internet is waiting. :D


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