April 10, 2012

New system coming soon

I'm rebuilding my entire system almost from scratch. Here is the room now:

The heater below the plasma has now been removed, to be replaced with a rack with equipment inside the chimney, hinged front panels. Cable runs will be short for the main speakers.

Corners - 1.2 x 2.4m rigid fibreglass panels sit in place of the bass trap wedges which will hide my new point source horns, bass bins, and the hole in the floor for my T20 tapped horn:

Existing floorboards will be polished and I'll have a large rug. 

Bass traps will also have a diffusing membrane on the front. I'll add new surrounds on the side walls with diffusers under them to avoid flutter echo. One bulkhead trap over the listening position. 

The new system will include:
  • Emotiva Surround Processor
  • Power amps - DSE modified A2760 (tweeter) + Behringer A500 (mids) + Behringer Eurpower EP2500 (woofers) + active OEM modules for the surrounds.
  • Point source horn (S3)
  • Bass module - Eminence Magnum 18LF 18" pro woofer - sealed box
  • Surrounds - B&C DE250 + 8PS21 8" midwoofer
  • Custom rack installed in fire place
  • Bass traps in front corners to hide the speakers
  • Rear corner bass trap
  • Bulkhead trap on the rear wall/ceiling junction

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