April 13, 2012

Troels DTQWT

I had a chance this evening to hear a system with another Troels Gravesen design - his DTQWT. This is a 3 way high sensitivity speaker featuring a Jantzen Audio 8" midwoofer, Audax dome tweeter on a waveguide and dual Eminence Deltalight 10" woofers. The midwoofer and woofers share a quarter wave horn.

This setup confirmed my suspicion that this is yet another great Troel's design, well worth the effort. Compared to the Jazzman speakers there was a different sound, one that appeared perhaps slightly more raw and energetic where the Jazzman strikes me as a bit more laid back, restrained and very controlled (not that this was lacking control). Both very good speakers. Not being used to vinyl I did also notice a certain "organic" quality that I feel vinyl imparts. A Weston Time Machine integrated amp sat there in the rack with valves so dim they appeared they weren't doing anything at all, even when the level climbed up. I found myself listening to the music rather than the system and that is always a good sign. We had a mix of genres and even Elvis made an appearance. This is a system you can sit back and relax with on a Friday night, or one you can crank to party levels for some fun. It never showed any signs of nearing limits. 


  1. ... and the verdict?

  2. Thanks, nice review!
    I'm currently searching for a new loudspeaker project to build. I know you like the Linkwitz Orion system.
    Do you consider Troels' DTQWT in the same league?

  3. Verdict? (Post amended with response)


    That is a difficult question to answer because they are so different. I will say that some will prefer one, while others will prefer the other.


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