April 8, 2012

Tapped horn design

This is a tapped horn sub design for a single 15" driver. The box is 470 x 480mm x 2300mm.

Simulated with the Dayton 15" RS driver ... 1W input

Sensitivity is around 95 dB. Extension is just shy of 20 Hz. This would work best as a LFE sub with a low pass around 40 - 50 Hz.

Max output is achieved with around 500w input:

Excursion with 500w input:

A highpass at 20 Hz is recommended.


  1. Does it matter if it's the HF or the HO version of the driver?

  2. Those two drivers are quite similar and you should get similar results with either.

  3. Could this design be implemented with a Rythmik H600 amp and a DS1510 driver? Any dimension adjustments to the cabinet necessary to do so? Thanks.

  4. That's a little difficult to say. With my T20, I used an older Rythmik kit and it worked quite well. The challenge with Rythmik, as there is also the servo. It would probably work well enough to be feasible, but you would have to at least model it. I can do custom designs, contact via the form to enquire.

  5. Is there a way to add some width to cut down on the length? Or would that change the horn response?

  6. The length provides tuning, so making it shorter will reduce extension. Increasing the width does not compensate for a shorter horn, because unlike a ported box, it is not the total volume that matters. Increasing the width can increase the sensitivity, but you really need to model a design to see what you are doing.


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