August 6, 2012

JV60 crossover upgrade

Pre-assembled crossover for JV60.

This is a 2.5 way crossover for the following drivers in a Vifa driver floorstander:

2 x Vifa P17 6.5" poly midbass 
1 x Vifa D25AG aluminium dome

Normally  this crossover would include an Lpad for tweeter attenuation, but it was omitted in this one by request.

Components are fixed with adhesive and cable ties to ensure long term reliability and to avoid vibration issues. 

Further upgrade options:
  • Jantzen Superior caps 
  • Solen AWG 14 inductors
Available on a made to order basis. Enquire >


  1. I installed these today. I'm very happy.
    They didn't transform the speakers into something that's several times better, but I wasn't expecting that from a crossover change.
    The speakers sound a bit more refined and the tweeters have been tamed by the l-pad (for me, less listening fatigue with some music at moderate to higher levels).
    There's also piece of mind that the crossovers will be stable over time with the better capacitors. If you like your JV60s, these are a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion.

  2. hi paul. chasing a price on an unassembled crossover and transmissionline plans. I'm looking to give my set a birthday:). what sort of price am I looking at?

    1. Thanks for your message. We have replied to your other message via email.

  3. Hi Paul, do you still assemble these? If so, im looking at replacing the cross overs for my JV60's and was wondering on a price for assembly and shipping to 3796. Thanks in advance, Ben.

  4. Hey Paul, trying to message you for a jv60 crossover. First build for me and doing it off the old silicon chip article. Anyhow, widget to message you is broken. Tia

    1. If you're still looking, perhaps the best way to reach me is via our Facebook page.


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