August 14, 2012

RSA HE2 almost there

HE2 progress - the box is almost complete.


This first version will be my demo speaker.  Since various aspects of this build proved to be very labour intensive, I will be making a simpler version based on CNC machined panels. This one includes bitumin rubber damping, which is very labour intensive to apply, and quite expensive. It will be an upgrade option added to the standard model. 

Coming up:
  • clear finish
  • directivity measurements
  • passive crossover
Once complete, it will be available for demos with a Weston Valve amp, with various upgrade options. I'm currently considering the choice of finishes, where I may build future versions out of MDF with a choice of veneer.


  1. These speakers look great!

    What waveguide / comp driver / woofer are you using with them?

  2. Thanks Zog! They are more complete than seen here. These will soon be for sale, this is the prototype, production versions will be slightly different, with a veneered finish over MDF.

    Given that this is a commercial product I'm not releasing details of the parts at this time.


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