August 17, 2012

RSA HE2 finishing ...


  1. Looks really good Paul and I am sure it will sound great too.

  2. Thanks ... what you see there is a gloss finish, 2 coats. I now have them running in the room. They have been measured outdoors on the polar rig and I'm now working on the crossover, a DSP active version firstly while I put them through their paces with a range of music. When I'm happy with the active crossover I'll build a passive version and apply a satin clear finish, which I feel will suit this speaker better.

  3. Hi Paul, I've been learning from your blog for a long time.
    I want to replace my Jamo S606 and I think your HE2 are very promising
    You could compare your HE2 with a commercial speaker?, because in my case I can never hear your HE2 because I live in Chile.

    Best regards
    Franco Canessa

  4. Franco, you ask a tough question! It would not be easy to find a readily available commercial speaker that you could audition in a hifi store, that would be comparable.


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