August 9, 2012

Remote room measurement service

Do you want to have your room measured? I provide a service in Melbourne, but if you aren't in Melbourne there is another option. There are a couple of challenges and I can help with all of them:

1. Knowing what to buy

It's very easy to buy equipment that doesn't work. Rather than go through a trial and error process, I can save you the hassle and expense, pointing to the lowest cost effective options.

2. Knowing what to measure

I can provide instructions. Online threads with different individuals of varying experience often means going through a wild goose chase. When you know what to measure, you can do it in one sweep. If you are waiting for a time slot with the kids away, this matters!

3. Understanding the results

Very important!

4. Knowing what to do with them

This is critical - the point in measuring is then being able to use those measurements to improve your system.

One of the benefits of this service is that you can repeat your measurements later as you make changes in your system.

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