December 6, 2015

Lifestyle audio in the normal living room

We're often associated with the extreme end of audio - large boutique horn speakers like PSE-144, horn subs like our HS-215 and extreme home theatre speakers. Then here at Red Spade Audio HQ we faced a challenge setting up a system for a small room where even Bose cubes might be a problem! 

Our solution? We started with a room analysis - testing the room to see what it needs. We tested to evaluate acoustic treatment options, speaker and sub placement. 

The result is a simple setup with minimal intrusion into the room. 

The TV was mounted onto the wall with a niche below so that the Blu-ray player would not intrude beyond the TV. All other audio equipment was mounted out of sight, with installed cables. 

Inwall speakers will be used here, installed into niches.

These are not typical cheap plastic inwall speakers!

Infinite baffle subwoofer coming

We tested for the best bass locations. We found that in this room, an infinite baffle sub works very well.

We will build custom decorative hybrid acoustic panels with timber slats over an absorber on the ceiling.

More info to come ...


  1. If that's the one I think it is, there a top performing woofer right there IMO. What looks like a "breakup peak" is actually not so. :thumbup:

  2. Cheers, small room home audio can be tricky indeed, looking forward to reading the next one. Testing this


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