June 13, 2017

Emerald Rock Studio

In most cases, our services are engaged after a client has already purchased acoustic treatment. Very often we are called in when there is a specific and objectionable problem they were not able to solve with generic and free advice on the internet. Here we started working with the client before the studio was built and so this meant we could ensure a great result right from the start.

Bass traps

Most bass traps on the market are best described as "low midrange" absorbers. Their effectiveness is typically very limited. Here we built custom bass traps, running floor to ceiling. The traps are 340mm deep and 1000mm wide. One in each corner.
The bass traps are resistive and operate deliberately into the mid and treble regions. The advantage here is that they serve a dual function and actually reduce the amount of midrange absorbers that would otherwise be required. The traps were built as 8 modules, which were then bolted together once delivered onsite. A further advantage of the large depth is that they are more stable. These traps were made with Polymax XHD which we also sell as raw panels for DIYers. 

Vicoustic Wavewood panels are mounted either side of the rear corner bass traps. This space is also a band practise space. It was important to create a neutral sounding room which was not overly dead. Part of creating this balance was mixing diffusion and absorption.

Vicoustic Multifusors are installed on the ceiling. These are very cost-effective panels and we like how easy they are to install. Being a light weight polystyrene panel, they can be installed with self adhesive picture hanging strips. It's an easy DIY install, which avoids the extra cost of a professional install job. 

It was actually this product that first prompted us to become a Vicoustic dealer - it was clear that many of our clients needed an easy to install low cost diffusor.

SVS SB1000 subwoofer set up under the mixing desk. We consider this sub to be a value leader. It's a capable sub with very good performance for the price of a raw driver and amp. Many studios install a cheapie sub and most of them are simply not worth using. The temptation is often there to buy a sub in the $500 - 700 price range. These can only be considered "junk subs." It's a very good idea to spend just a little more for a sub that is far superior. We provided the sub along with calibration. We tested every feasible sub location, finally opting for the most practical placement with the best performance. Here a nearfield location worked best.

Very often the placement of the monitors and their relationship with their surrounds can create issues. A very accurate monitor is easily undermined with poor setup and a hit and miss approach. We worked through various options with placement to determine the optimal setup.

Products and services included here:

  • Consultation on design and layout of the space prior to construction
  • Acoustic treatment design
  • Custom acoustic treatment
  • SVS sub
  • Sub integration 
  • Audio calibration

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