June 4, 2017

Rythmik Audio Subs in Australia

As our long time blog readers will know, we've held Rythmik subs in high esteem for a long time. We first experience them back in 2006 and it was clear from the first moment they were fired up that these are articulate subs. The very clean and dry bass sound was clear even before they had been calibrated correctly. We are now Australian dealers for Rythmik subs. We offer their full range of kits and we also custom build finished subs, adding Australian-made enclosures to Rythmik kits. 


Rythmik kits include the driver and servo enabled amplifier. Both are integral to the design and sold together only.

We also offer flat packs, which are CNC machined to fit together and make for an easier build. These start at $399. Our standard designs are modestly sized 12" and 15" sealed subs, however, we can also create custom flat packs to suit any project. 

We can offer:
  • sealed
  • ported
  • open baffle
  • horns

Custom made subs in Australia 

We manufacture subs in Australia based on the Rythmik kits. 

This is one of our 15" subs (sealed). Neo magnets are concealed within the enclosure - they serve to attach the grille without unsightly old clips.

Featured here is a custom sub with dual 12" drivers, serving to reduce vibration. The client wanted a perspex cover instead of a conventional grille. Designed to match the existing entertainment cabinet in solid teak.

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