June 17, 2017

JV60 crossover upgrades

It's not unusual for us to receive numerous emails each week asking if we still offer upgraded crossovers for JV60. This is one that we built yesterday:

These are hand made with quality parts and the modifications I used as a JV60 owner. The mods were make or break in my case, resulting in keeping my JV60 speakers for many years. I actually found the sound to be more enjoyable than many high end speakers, priced well above $10k. The sound is smoother and more refined.

Crossover upgrades

We actually offer crossover upgrades for any speaker.  This includes:

  • Hand built crossovers using the same design but upgraded parts
  • Design mods to adjust the sound to your preferences
  • Modified designs to suit new drivers
  • Custom crossovers for custom speakers

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