March 16, 2013

Bass modules

Bass modules are now complete. 

Textured black Duratex finish on the outside. Bitumen rubber on the inside. 60L sealed box. 

These are available now as a flat pack and they are designed to go into a corner on a 45 degree angle. 

They are heavy! The MDF in each box would weigh about 20 kg, but the completed boxes once heavily damped weigh in at 43 kg! That makes a very inert box, when knocking on them they have a very solid sound, well damped. Add in 12 kg for the driver and you have 55kg!


  1. Is this the box you were building specifically as a bass bin for the TD18H/S3? Thought you were doing a 90L box for that?



  2. 600 x 600 x 350

    Most 18" pro drivers will be happy in a 60L sealed box, some needing some stuffing to lower Q and/or LT. TD18 will work in an even smaller box, although the magnet is huge and so requires changes to the bracing. This box is my own personal bass module and it's also the prototype, but I'm also doing flat packs modified to allow for easier assembly and also to fit TD18.


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