March 16, 2013

Chimney rack

This is my rack which is designed to fit in a fireplace:

The rack has holes for rack mount components and there is one adjustable shelf. On the bottom you can see Emotiva UPA700 - a 7 channel power amplifier. Moving up, Behringer DCX then Emotiva URC1 (surround pre pro) and the Bluray player on top will be replaced with a combined Bluray and media player source.

The rack comes out on wheels for easy access to the rear.

The system is being configured to power up with a remote switch, which also eliminates standby power.

The rack will sit in the fireplace with hinged shutters and cover panels that will neaten everything up and give the room a nice clutter-free look. This room will be a good example of how to integrate a lot of equipment and large speakers into a small room yet with less clutter than a typical system that would go into such a room.

I'm also working on a second rack located in another room. It will house the other amps and DSP crossover for the surrounds. Fortunately there is a convenient space for this rack. I have removed a return air duct from a previous central heating system and the existing grille will provide ventilation.


  1. V. nice.

    I have a rack in a separate room, with nice easy access to the back... Best thing ever... WAF = supreme :-)

  2. You should take advantage of any chance to say "nice rack" without risk of serious injury!


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