March 10, 2013

Waveguide surrounds

Surrounds for my home cinema and demo room.

You can see hanging hooks and their orientation I'll use when installed. Since there is just one seating row, this arrangement yields a better integration between the tweeter and mid.

These began as prototypes where techniques were tested for dealing with butt joins. The box has been filled with fibreglass reinforced filler and coated with fibreglass resin. This is not a process I'd repeat since it is overly labour intensive and not suited to commercial production and affordability. In the end I've finished these with Duratex which requires priming as it doesn't like the fillers used. So you see here priming and stopper putty prior to applying Duratex.

Stopper putty applied over primer:

After Durate application. You can also see internal bitumen rubber lining. The box is heavy and dead.


Sealing gasket tape is applied:


  1. The midwoofer and the waveguide were both measured in past waveguide GTGs.

  2. Very cool Paul, a job well done.

    What will these beauties cost?

  3. Their place in my range is undecided at this point. If they were added to the LSK range then there would be one price. As a Red Spade Audio speaker there are options ranging from flat pack to fully finished, potentially as active, passive, texture coated black or veneered or some other option. At the moment it's a Red Spade Audio option only, which would be made to order with a quote on request.

  4. How are these as mains with some sub-woofers under?

  5. I have them set up on top of my woofers like that at the moment, and they perform well as mains - a good HT system could be based around these. They are dynamic, clean and natural. It's easy to make a box this size very inert also.

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