March 10, 2013

S3 again ...

I had to move to detachable panels. This helps with machining the ports accurately and swapping options more quickly.

Testing with and without sealing foam.


  1. Very cool. Would love to have these as my LCR for my home theatre :)

    When will they be ready.

  2. The first run is full, pending one more person paying the deposit. So at this time it's only available to those who are in the first batch. There is a minimum order of 10 pairs to provide any more. Otherwise I have to develop another design with different drivers that can be ordered in small quantities.

  3. What was the verdict on the foam?

  4. What would the price be for 3 of these shipped to California?

    1. S3 evolved into PSE-144.

      Let me know your email and I'll send you some more information. To keep your email private, I won't publish the comment.


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