March 27, 2013

TC Sounds LMS-Ultra 5400 18″ sub

Introducing the ultimate sub drivers, TC Sounds LMS-Ultra 5400 18″ sub. It's now available in Australia through the Loudspeaker Kit.

See it here >

What is so special about this driver? There are quite a few good sounding sub drivers that are clean from 40 Hz upwards to deliver musical bass. However, conventional subs tend to require a vented box to achieve low distortion to lower frequencies. This is a compromise in other areas. This driver is the only one I've seen that can deliver ultra low distortion all the way down in a sealed box. The reason for this is an extremely linear motor design. The coil is wound with extra turns towards the extremities, so that as the coil leaves the gap on large excursions, the motor retains linear as B starts to decrease.


  1. Hi Paul,

    How does this driver compare to the Rythmik 15" drivers?

    What would be better, a system with a single 5400 or one with two Rythmik 15" (in seperate enclosures in different locations)?

    Similarly, would you recommend going with two 5400 or four Rythmik 15" (both scenarios with standalone subs spread throughout


  2. Hi Nick,

    Rythmik subs are among the most musical around, the drivers are well designed and the servo is definitely doing something right. Very clean and dry, distortion very low above 40 Hz. It does tend to rise below 40 Hz in a sealed box, but suprisingly they still sound clean even at xmax.

    I have not compared them side by side.

    LMS 5400 has a linear motor that allows it to achieve very low distortion down to 20 Hz in a sealed box. Excursion is extreme and the output is also. Basically it is the ultimate sub driver, with a price that reflects its status!

    2 x 5400 vs 4 x Rythmik 15?

    Those are both good choices. Probably the most important factor is unknown to me - your room. If you have a setup that requires 4 subs then you can expect a better result with the Rythmik. Both will sound clean, tight and dynamic, but the better integration from 4 may favour the Rythmik. In another situation, where 4 are not needed and where clean extreme LFE is a priority then the LMS has an advantage. I really can't answer this one properly without seeing the system in question and doing a room analysis with sub integration in mind.

    My advice is choose the one you prefer. Do you want the big statement driver and does it fit in your room? You can always add more subs later, and they can also be smaller. Or is size an issue? A series of smaller subs might be easier to integrate in the practical sense. How much priority goes to music vs HT? Both of these subs are exceptional with music.

    Integration is king. It's a much bigger issue than which way you might swing with the sub choice. If you are in Melbourne, I highly recommend booking a room analysis and sub integration.


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